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As a creative visionary entrepreneurial type ...  

The difference

​A Nashville entertainment business law practice since 2006

You have already seen from our welcome that we are different. We speak different than most lawyers, we talk more like you than most of our colleagues.                          








You want a trusted advisor to turn to for the life of your business ...

* To help you with ensuring you have the right business model in place and can navigate to a new one, if you don’t.

* To help you with getting the right agreements in place with vendors, team members, investors, partners and others.

* To help you explore potential opportunities.

* To evaluate insurance buying decisions, asset protection planning choices, and tax saving strategies.

* To keep you out of trouble and respond on time when you get close to the edge. If that’s what you want, we just might be the right law practice for you.

When your tax situation is structured right, you could be paying less than 10% of your income in taxes.

Thank you for giving me the honor of your online presence.  I look forward to completing the introduction in person and getting to know more about you and how I can help your music business soar in Nashville and beyond. 

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The deals

A MAKER, not a BREAKER. You probably haven’t thought of your business like this, but really it’s just a series of agreements.

we know Nashville, and we are right for you if: